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Il Giardino di Ginevra
Enhancement of the excellence of the territory, thanks to the creation of ad hoc products to taste a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace of Caserta, in a welcoming environment like that of home.
In one word: Cafè Sofà.

A reality where the coffee break means welcome, where the breakfast products are strictly homemade. For guests, tables and sofas where you can enjoy tea, herbal tea, hot and spiced chocolate. To finish the whole kitchen corner, where the sweet and savory specialties are prepared. A place where it is easy to feel at home and where it is therefore possible to treat yourself to an “emotional break” capable of satisfying all five senses, to become masters of your own time.

Here is the project born from the intuition of a family established in the food sector, but always in the constant search for innovation, while rigorously maintaining faith in the goodness of its own land.


In other words Cafè Sofa, based on the experience gained by the founders of Il Giardino di Ginevra, is the culmination of many sacrifices and an extraordinary dedication.

To guide him Anna Chiavazzo, careful researcher of raw materials, meticulous in the study of ancient recipes and in the rediscovery of genuine flavors. “Artigiana”, as she herself likes to call herself, originally from Caserta, is the Master Pastry Chef who over the years has known how to win over taste enthusiasts, delighting their palates with exclusive recipes, which enhance the local specialties.

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Il Giardino di Ginevra - Cafè Sofà

Address: Largo Sant’Elena 2 – 81100 Caserta (CE)
Ph: +39 0823778934 – Mob: + 39 3382566538 / +39 3890589352

Opening time: from tuesday to thursday: 8.00/20.30 / from friday to sunday: 8.00/22.30

Closing day: monday.