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The women of history, the Royal Palace of Caserta and the love for the taste of the Anna Chiavazzo Artisan Master come together in the new collection of chocolates
Sweet Women of History “tasty profiles of history & women” who received the prestigious Brand of Excellence of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

The gastronomic project stems from the desire to convert a noble material like chocolate into a sensation to be perceived through taste. An emotional journey that enriches us culturally, thanks to an idea by Anna Chiavazzo, with the collaboration of Rossana di Poce, art critic and journalist of the artistic and cultural heritage of Campania. The chocolate base was supplied by Domori (Illy coffee group) an international reference in the world of gourmet chocolate, while the ganache filling will reveal the most hidden personality of every single female figure chosen, through the products strongly linked to the territory: Zafferano di Pietravairano , Malvarosa from the English Garden of the Royal Palace of Caserta and bitter oranges and roses.

This is the beginning of a long journey that combines gastronomic research of the highest patisserie, Campania excellence and culture, not forgetting the civil commitment and the passion with which it is possible to fight through their work the wave of historical violence against women in which we witness in recent times. Sometimes wars are won with sweetness, a feminine weapon par excellence, this is our conviction: work ennobles women, and society as a whole.

SaffronMaria Amalia

Wife of Charles III of Spain, destined for him at age 13, mother of 13 children. A cultivated woman, raised between Desda and Warsaw, queen consort of Naples and Sicily from 1738 to 1759, and then of Spain. She assisted in laying the first stone of the Royal Palace of Caserta. Good horsewoman, she loved hawk hunting with her husband, and she shared a passion for art with her mother-in-law, Elisabetta Farnese. Filo-inglese in Naples, a true point of reference for internal politics, will leave it on 16 October 1759 for Spain. A true passion for porcelain: in Capodimonte in that famous living room from the Royal Palace of Portici. She never resigned herself to losing Naples: “for his situation, sight, and joy is unique in the world”. He regretted the “little kingdom” for large spaces up to the Indies of Spain, and smoked Cuban cigars to the great embarrassment of the Spanish court. Tobacco and chocolate, in homage to Maria Amalia.

Rossana Di Poce:
Archaeologist and journalist. With an insane passion for beauty, art and storytelling.

RosolioMaria Carolina

Strong personality, creator of the English garden, symbol of the Royal Palace of Caserta. Passed into history as a cruel and reactionary woman, Maria Carolina of Habsburg was, in the first twenty years of her reign, a skilled sovereign attentive to the ideas of the Enlightenment, a friend of Freemasonry and of the intellectuals who were part of it. Cultured, passionate about art, excellent draftsman and great musician, she was the thirteenth of the children of Maria Teresa of Austria and Emperor Francis I. After turning sixteen, she married Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, by parental choice, with goal to seal an alliance between Austria and Spain. She had eighteen children and, after the birth of his first son, became queen consort of Naples and Sicily. It is to her that we owe the Code of the Leucian laws which sanctioned the equality between women and men in the Royal Colony of San Leucio. After the arrival of Napoleon’s troops in Naples, she was deposed and died in exile in Vienna.

Nadia Verdile:
Journalist, historian of women, lives by school. Distinguishing features: optimist by nature, intolerant towards stereotypes and prejudices.

MalvarosaLady Hamilton

The beautiful Emma Hart, whose real name was Amy Lyons, was born in England on the 26th of April 1765 in a Cheshire village and died on 15 January 1815 in Calais in Normandy. Known and remembered from history as the lover of the English admiral Horatio Nelson, in 1791 he married the English plenipotentiary ambassador to the Kingdom of Naples Sir William Hamilton. Thanks to Ambassador Lady Hamilton she attended the Bourbon court and the Neapolitan aristocracy becoming an intimate friend of the Queen of Naples Maria Carolina of Habsburg. The German writer and poet J.W. Goethe during his stay in Naples with what were then called attitudes and that today we would define performances. Emma revived some figures that are expressions of mythology and ancient history with plastic gestures and positions. Emma’s beauty was immortalized by some of the greatest painters of the time.

Addolorata Ines Peduto:
For all Dolores, she calls herself a wandering gardener. Biologist, she works as an expert in botany and historical greenery.