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I can resist everything …
…except temptation.

Oscar Wilde


Pastry Chef
Careful researcher of raw materials, meticulous in the study of ancient recipes and rediscovery of genuine flavors. The Artisan Anna Chiavazzo, originally from Caserta (strongly influenced by the Calabrian traditions because she lived there for a long time in childhood), is the Pastry Chef founder of Il Giardino di Ginevra, which has won over taste enthusiasts, delighting the palate with exclusive recipes, which enhance the local specialties.

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Campania is the land where, for centuries, buffaloes of “Italian Mediterranean breed” have been bred, from whose milk derives one of the main excellences of our gastronomy: the Buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP. Much of the renowned organoleptic properties of this cheese derive precisely from the complex aromas contained in the milk, and especially in the cream of which this milk is rich.

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A project born from the union of a family established over the years in the food industry, in constant research and innovation that seeks to offer a range of products closely linked to the territory. Il Giardino di Ginerva – Cafe Sofa is the culmination of many sacrifices and dedication. The Café Sofà wants to be the calling card of this fantastic territory, too often battered and denigrated, but that offers excellence in all fields.

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