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Campania is the land where, for centuries, buffaloes of “Italian Mediterranean breed” have been bred, from whose milk derives one of the main excellences of our gastronomy: the Buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP. Much of the renowned organoleptic properties of this cheese derive precisely from the complex aromas contained in the milk, and especially in the cream of which this milk is rich.
Thanks to the collaboration with the Protection Consortium, the Giardino di Ginevra has created a special panettone, in which the butter has been completely replaced by fresh cream of buffalo. To enhance the aromas to the maximum, the candied fruit was eliminated in the Pan(n)dibufala recipe and the percentage of sugar was considerably reduced.
A fragrant, soft and balanced dough was obtained, which made it possible to create a panettone particularly suitable to be served in both sweet and savory dishes, to create surprising and delicate combinations, with the many products of high quality that the Campania region produces.