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Rosolio di Casavecchia
SetaNera rosolio, made with wine from Casavecchia grapes, a vine of ancient origin, was born with the intention of creating a product of ancient memory such as the “Rosolio” that could delicately accompany chocolates of origin and traditional sweets, as was the custom in the past, taking up ancient infusion techniques.

Silky and delicate on the palate, fragrant and spicy, it expresses the sweetness and simplicity of a liqueur and goes well with desserts at the end of a meal, preferring evenings dedicated to pairings with excellent chocolates. The origin of this native red grape from Campania is shrouded in mystery. It grows only in today’s province of Caserta, in that area of Campania Felix where the renowned Falerno wine was already produced in ancient times, particularly suited for the cultivation of the vine, thanks to the presence of the Volturno river, the proximity to the sea and the high ones reliefs of the Matese.


Rosolio of Casavecchia
Some scholars think that the Casavecchia descends from Trebulano, another famous wine of Roman age, of which Pliny the Elder attested the production in the area (Trebula was the Roman name of Treglia, fraction of Pontelatone). According to other hypotheses that would also explain its name, instead, the Casavecchia descends from a large solitary strain discovered towards the end of the nineteenth century inside a ruin in the countryside of Pontelatone and survived the epidemics of oidium and phylloxera: many farmers in the area asked the cuttings and the old house to be planted in their own vineyards.

Master Luigi Veronelli, in the sixties, used to say of the Casavecchia that it is a wine “complete, harmonious, of beautiful color, desirous of race. He deserves it”. And as always he was not wrong because, for years now, the Casavecchia has conquered the Doc.