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Candying is a method of preservation by immersion in a sugar syrup. The products obtained by candying are called candied fruits. In the candying process, the water content of the fruit is reduced by osmosis and the sugar content is gradually increased to over 70%. The slow and free addition of any type of additive craft candying has the peculiarity of obtaining a product that preserves fragrance, aromas, originals and a part of vitamins.
The choice of candying particular types of products is dictated by the desire for innovation and by the strong bond with the territory, the combinations with savory preparations, roast cheeses, cod give the result of dishes of great identity with unique flavors as the pairings with the chocolate from criollo cocoa beans.

Candied garden paper:
• Neapolitan Pappaccella, sloowfood presidium;
• Red tomatoes from Vesuvius;
• Cipolla Di Alife, slow food presidium;
• Yellow tomatoes from Serbian giangiu.